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Bulk SMS is the most cost-effective option. Meta Reach Marketing understands all of the various methods available for reaching out to prospective clients or staying in touch with existing ones, including Bulk SMS in India, which is the most cost-effective. Meta Reach Marketing, a Bulk SMS Company in Delhi, specializes in providing customized Bulk SMS Services.

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How We Work

Our Bulk SMS Service Comprises Of

We give you the freedom to send 1000 Bulk SMS Noida, India to your desired audience per second. We appreciate your honor and faith in us, and we provide reasonable and consumer-friendly bulk options. With our economical and user-friendly Bulk SMS Noida services, you will feel more prepared and in complete control of the situation.

  • Transactional & Promotional SMS
  • Two ways SMS Gateway (Long code SMS & Short code SMS)
  • Bulk sms resellers
  • Virtual phone number
  • Send SMS Alerts
  • Bulk sms api
  • Sms gateway integration
  • Missed call alert service

The Meta Reach Marketing Bulk SMS Advantages:

  • We have extensive computerized databases of carrier-specific subscribers that are further subdivided according to numerous factors such as social demographics, economic parameters, city-specific, rural subscribers, gender-based, personal, and business numbers.
  • We have experts who specialize in creating concise but very effective and response-evoking SMS messages.
  • Our service offers analytics and analysis to keep you updated on progress and results.
  • We guarantee positive results on a vast scale, which are supported by our warranties.
  • Send tailored messages to specified target groups.
  • We can integrate the Bulk SMS Noida facility into your systems or handle it with our personnel, allowing you to focus on your core business and reap a rich harvest of thousands of queries.
  • Meta Reach Marketing's Bulk SMS Delhi solution is extremely useful for schools, retailers, agents, doctors and hospitals, banks, tour/travel firms, hosting companies, and other service providers

The Meta Reach Marketing Bulk SMS Software Features:

Let us give you a brief overview of the noteworthy features that you will enjoy from our end.

  • Manage your Address Book / Phone Book
  • Manage groups of users (like friends in one group, clients in another group, staff in another group), etc.
  • You can send messages instantly to any individual user or a particular group.
  • Upload an Excel Sheet, Notepad File, or Comma Delimited File [.csv file] (with number and message) to send bulk messages without making an address book.
  • We will also provide HTTP API for integration with your desktop or web applications/software in any language (Also provide Sample Source Codes in different languages Asp.Net, ASP, PHP, Java, C#.Net, VB, etc.)
  • Customized/Personalized Bulk SMS in Delhi NCR Feature Available.
  • Hindi SMS or Bulk SMS Noida in any Language is also available (i.e. Unicode SMS)
  • Sender ID / CLI Available: For Transaction SMS Noida sender id length would be 6 ALPHA Characters only (i.e. MD-Meta Reach Marketing), For Promotional SMS sender id length would be 6 Numeric Characters only (MD-222222)
  • Our Bulk SMS Software also supports a based System, whereas you have to get approval of required message templates then you can send Bulk SMS Noida with approved message templates only
  • Our Bulk SMS Software also supports a based System, whereas you have to get approval of required message templates then you can send Bulk SMS Noida with approved message templates only
  • Option / Opt-Out Service – Whereas you can take opt-in from your clients (via Short Code/Long Code) and contacts saved in the Main List.
  • Meta Reach Marketing Bulk SMS Software capable of sending 1000s of messages per second (i.e. 1000 TPS)
  • We also provide White Labeled Bulk SMS Software Interface or at your Brand with your Logo and all.
  • SMS Account Expiry & Low SMS Balance Alert: From time to time our bulk SMS software sends alerts to inform you of the current SMS account status.

The Meta Reach Marketing Bulk SMS Resellers/Associates Program Features:

Users buying 1,00,000 or more credits will get their own SMS-selling web-based reseller panel with the following features

  • You will receive web-based SMS software/interface, white branded or with your brand name and logo.
  • You can sell SMS credits to other users at your unique rate.
  • Consistent and unwavering service - Our service & Technical Team is always available. You do not need to worry about support because the newly created site will allow them to log in and send SMS (along with all the capabilities stated above).
  • Overselling is possible - you can create 'N' clients and assign infinite SMS credits. For this minimum, you must purchase 10 Lacs SMS Credits, and we will allow for overselling.
  • Our solution allows any program/software (written in PHP/ASP/.NET/Java/VB) to send SMS via its unique interface, but only with adequate authentication and security. That means you may send payment reminders, invoices, receipts, dues, and other notifications directly from your current application simply inserting a few lines of code (supplied by us) into your system.

We are always happy to discuss any of your requirements.